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Vegan and Cruelty-free
Our raw materials are 100% vegetable and non-animal products. We do LOVE animals.

Common candles are made from petrol derivates (=plastic) or even animal fat. We are the alternative.

4x Longer Burn Time
Botanical waxes burn four times slower than mineral waxes like paraffin, they last way longer!

The remaining vegetable wax can be disposed of in the biological trash and does not harm the environment. Even our eco-glitters are made from Eucalyptus branches!

Our fragrances are based on natural extracts from plants, blended in unique combinations that will boost your mood.

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An eco-friendly alternative gentle with animals

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Grounding candle

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Fresh Roses

We love roses! In unusual combinations like with fresh Rhubarb, intense Patchouli, or zesty Lemon

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Pumpkin Love

It's always time for a Pumpkin sweet spiced treat.

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Mesmerizing reflections

Our most exclusive glasses

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Our Signature Fragrances:
Saffron & Cinnamon
Fig & Sandalwood
Lavender, Cedarwood & Vanilla
Patchouli & Roses